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Arizona is a fun state with lots of space for recreational vehicle activity. The Law Offices of Samuel P. Moeller don't fault you for wanting to enjoy the great outdoors. We know accidents happen and we can help you immediately if you or a loved one has been injured in an accident caused from a recreational vehicle. 

The most common recreational accidents are caused by these types of vehicles:
- ATV's
- Dune buggies
- Dirt bikes
- Motor bikes
- Motor homes
- Jet skis

Arizona motorsports, sand dune activities and other related injury accidents from recreational vehicles happen all the time. We have the experience to help you. The Law Offices of Samuel P. Moeller are experts at helping you prepare the needed documentation from both the injury and from a medical perspective to assure you get the compensation you deserve.
Recreational Motor Sport Injury Lawyers

No risk, max reward!
No fees unless we win your case!
$0 in out-of-pocket costs to you!
Injured? Vehicle wrecked?
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Recreational activities help you refresh and rejuvenate your skills. However, accidents are a part of our lives and can happen anytime and anywhere. Recreational accidents may occur at home, on vacation or on the playing field.

Some examples of accidents are:
- Boating accidents
- Trampoline accidents
- Bicycle accidents
- Golf car accidents
- Accidents at theme or amusement parks
- Motorcycle accidents
- Swimming pool accidents
- Accidents encountered when snowboarding, hiking or camping
- Any sports activity

You never know when these leisurely pursuits can lead to an accident. These recreational accidents may result in minor cuts or bruises to serious injuries like a broken bone. Some recreational accidents may be caused by equipment failure or the lack of safety measures taken by people running these recreational activities. Recreational accident laws can be complicated.

It is always better to hire an auto accident lawyer in AZ as early as possible. Your lawyer will thoroughly understand the factors that lead to the accident. An auto accident lawyer in AZ will analyze the credibility of the other party in the accident concerning recreational accident laws. It is important to note whether the owner or the person handling the equipment or activity was negligent about dealing with a particular situation.

Some of these recreational activities are fast-paced and of competitive nature. Recreational activities should be handled with proper care and instructions given by the instructor. The safety measures should be duly abided by people engaging in these recreational activities. If the accident occurred as a result of your sheer negligence, then no one can be held liable. Therefore it is important to read all the instructions carefully and use safety equipment properly. For example, if you engage yourself in riding a bicycle and you were given instruction to wear a helmet, it is your fault if you suffer a head injury because you did not have a helmet on. Recreational accident laws are written so that people are only liable if you can prove they were negligent about the circumstances that caused your accident.

No risk, max reward!
No fees unless we win your case!
$0 in out-of-pocket costs to you!
Injured? Vehicle wrecked?
We can come to you!

Liability in recreational accidents
The people who can be held liable for recreational accidents according to the recreational law are:
- The leader or guide under whose supervision you are engaging in the activity.
- The owner of the equipment. For example, the boat owner in case of boating.
- Any other person who is directly or indirectly involved.

Why hire an auto accident lawyer

Filing a case is one thing and winning the case is another. Things can get out of hand when you are not able to prove your point and provide proper documents for proof. It is critical to understand that only an experienced attorney can guide you through legal matters involved with recreational accident laws.

An auto accident lawyer in AZ understands the legal terms and knows how to handle it like a pro. You may not know about the recreational accident laws as he or she does. And even if you happen to know about the recreational law, you lack the experience needed to win in court.

An auto accident lawyer in AZ can also calculate the amount of compensation that you can receive. The compensation is mostly determined by the insurance company of the accused.

When dealing with the insurance company of the defendant, an attorney is required. The insurance companies only deal with the lawyer to negotiate the amount of compensation. A lawyer plays a vital role in getting you compensated and guiding you through the entire legal process.

If you or any of your known is involved in recreational accidents, always hire an auto accident lawyer in AZ to take hold of the situation. There should be no delay in cases that involve recreational accidents.