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Are you a victim of a semi-truck or other large-truck driver?

Our Phoenix truck accident lawyers have years of experience working with victims affected by semi-truck and other larger truck type drivers. We realize these types of drivers are held to tight deadlines and rigorous schedules.

Constantly, semi-truck and other large vehicle types are faced with continuous road challenges that may unexpectedly affect you. Weather conditions, unforeseen obstacles and construction cause many of these types of accidents. Our attorneys know exactly how to manage and prepare these cases to assure you receive the maximum financial compensation you deserve. 

We know large-truck operators should be professionally trained and that they can cause more damage than the average driver if they make a mistake. If you or a loved one is injured in a semi-truck wreck, contact us immediately to consult with one of our truck accident lawyers.

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When any sort of accident occurs, being injured is very common, but when the accident involves large or semi-trucks then the injuries often are serious, sometimes even leading to death. This, in turn, affects the future of the victim and his/her family members, as it results in loss of wages, expensive medical bills, loss of mental stability, etc. But you can overcome the financial crises from semi-truck accidents and also get justice by hiring a Phoenix semi-truck lawyer, specifically one from the Law Offices of Samuel P. Moeller.

The main focus of our Phoenix semi-truck lawyers is to help you gain the highest compensation amount not only for your ongoing treatment due to the accident but also for the long-term treatment of injuries, loss of wages, etc.

Our Phoenix semi-truck lawyers work on a contingency basis, so we don’t get paid unless our client wins the case. So our attorneys try their best to finalize your case with a high insurance settlement as quickly as possible.

Injury lawsuits involving truck accidents may require unique legal considerations, so the best move for someone involved in a semi-truck accident is to hire a Phoenix semi-truck lawyer.

Another very important advantage of hiring a semi-truck lawyer in Phoenix is that they save the victim from the tricks of insurance companies.

Our Phoenix semi-truck lawyers not only deal with the paperwork but also other legal proceedings related to the case. Also, our Phoenix semi-truck lawyers assist with any necessary personal investigation related to the semi-truck accident and help preserves evidence.

So if you or your loved ones ever face issues related to a semi-truck accident in Phoenix or anywhere else in Arizona, contact one of our semi-truck lawyers immediately.

$0 in out of-pocket costs!
No fees unless we win your case!
Injured? Vehicle wrecked?
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It's worth repeating, you want to hire a Phoenix semi truck accident attorney like those at the Law Offices of Samuel P. Moeller, a firm that has the experience, one that is not afraid to take on the biggest of companies and their big business lawyers!

You may not know that a big obstacle in these types of lawsuits is that these companies carry big policy limits (i.e. the max amount an insurance company will give for a loss to the injured party); that is a benefit as well as an obstacle because these companies will fight harder concerning these limits. We can turn that into a benefit for you, and all it takes is a highly experienced Phoenix semi truck accident attorney to do that for you.

Very often, large businesses will have something called a “retention.” This part is the money the business at fault has to pay — the part out of their own pocket before the insurance kicks in. We handle cases with very high retentions. Some of the biggest companies are self-insured, and, normally, because the coverage comes out of their own pocket, they will fight extremely hard in court to save their money. Again, that is where having a Phoenix semi truck accident attorney on your side is a great advantage.

More often than not, the semi truck company will hire an attorney (some have their own staff of attorneys) within hours to represent their interests. In some cases, that attorney will get involved to the point of going to the scene of the accident and investigating.

One final piece from a Phoenix semi truck accident attorney is that they know the trucks are often fitted with a “black box” that records a large amount of data before and during an accident. This is very valuable information, but this data is rarely shared before litigation. This can be a big piece in proving liability on the part of the driver. That again is the advantage of having a seasoned Phoenix semi truck attorney like Samuel P. Moeller in your corner; he knows how to take the fight to these big businesses and he will get you the recovery you so desperately need.

Call the Law Offices of Samuel P. Moeller law firm today! You won’t be sorry you did!

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Finding the Best Phoenix Semi Truck Accident Lawyer

Driving on a highway in Phoenix along with trucks can be unnerving. Their size, for one, is enough to inspire fear in you. In some cases, most of these drivers are not in their best condition to drive. They are fatigued due to traveling for long periods of time, which leads them to make poor driving choices. Furthermore, considering the tight deadlines they usually have to meet, truck drivers tend to drive faster than they should. When they fail to execute their driving decisions, accidents happen; and unfortunately, truck and semi truck accidents can be the most damaging out of all.

Now, if you find yourself involved in truck accidents, then it helps to know what to do. One of the things you should keep in mind is to hire not only a Phoenix semi truck accident lawyer but the best Phoenix semi truck accident lawyer. You have to be critical when choosing a Phoenix semi truck accident lawyer. These people are the ones who are going to represent you and, ultimately, help you get the best and fairest compensation for your damages. So how do you choose the best Phoenix semi truck accident lawyer? We have the answers below:

A key element into identifying a good Phoenix semi truck accident lawyer is the experience. Not all lawyers are made equal. Some of them are better at dealing with other types of accidents. That is why in this case, you have to check whether that lawyer has handled a number of semi truck accidents before. If the lawyer is known for that, then they are usually one of the best choices at representing you.

The best Phoenix semi truck accident lawyer is not only equipped with experienced but knowledge as well. Truth be told, it is easy to gain experience but not knowledge. Hiring a knowledgeable Phoenix semi truck lawyer could help you find your way out of the complexities of the case. Semi truck accidents are subjected to their own unique laws and regulations at the state and federal level. This entails a lot of requirements to consider such as the trailer, drivers, insurance, and even their trucking companies. On top of it all, these companies are usually big ones that have their own set of lawyers who are ready to defend them no matter the position they take in the accident. A knowledgeable Phoenix semi truck accident lawyer is the best one who can take and handle the complexity of such cases.

Another thing to note is how reputable that Phoenix semi truck accident lawyer is. To find out about this, you need to do your research. Don't just choose whoever is easiest and most comfortable to get. Refer to people who have had experience working with that lawyer and ask for their feedback. Furthermore, check whether they have been given recognition in cases such as this. Usually, those lawyers who are highly recommended for the job are known and well-respected.

Overall, you would want to hire someone who will fight for you all the way. Some cases take longer to settle than they should. Most especially since truck accidents tend to involve large trucking corporations. And unfortunately, some lawyers tend to get tired mid-way and resort to compensate for less than you should get. So choose one who is persistent and does not to get intimidated by big cases. Find whether that lawyer is passionate and a good communicator. The best ones are usually those who will truly and sincerely invest in your case.

What to do at the Accident Scene

Now that you have those things to remember when choosing the best Phoenix Semi Truck Accident Lawyer, it is time to give you the pointers on what to do before the lawyer comes. As we all know, accidents happen during some of the most unexpected circumstances. So it helps to prepare yourself when that happens. You have to make sure that you've protected your rights at first in the scene of the accident so that it wouldn't cause a bigger problem by the time your lawyer arrives. Below are the things you need to keep in mind:

- Mind what you say. Accidents can be shocking and sometimes this could lead you to say things that could be used against you in court. So before you run your mouth and fall deeper into more problems, you should mind and be careful about what you say.
- Call the police. Being involved in a semi truck accident is a big deal. One of the first things to do is call the police and let them assess the scene. Don't allow other people to tell you what's wrong. Also, don't agree to what anyone says before the police. Once they arrive, wait for their official report. This report is very important for insurance purposes to determine the cause of the accident and whose fault it is. Furthermore, make sure the report is thorough. It should include interviews with those who are involved as well as witnesses. Take pictures and identify the people involved.
- Get Medical Attention. Accidents can be harmful so it is a must that you seek medical attention. The events during the accident could cause some damages to your body later on. You might get whiplash, head and brain injury, paralysis, and muscle injuries. All of which requires immediate medical treatment. Moreover, claims for medical damages could help protect your financial recovery. Gather medical records on your injuries from the accident. Also, you must put in the after effects the injuries you got from the accident have caused you. This includes the times you miss work and other related expenses and damages like vehicle repairs. These records will help you and your lawyer get insurance and proper compensation for the damages you received. It helps to get yourself as covered as possible with all the expenses.

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What to Look for in a Semi-Truck Accident Attorney in Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is the capital and most populous state of Arizona. It is the only state capital in the United States that boasts more than one million residents, life can get busy and run at quite a hectic pace. Many of our citizens in Phoenix look to its transport systems and highways for their lifeblood. Famous throughout Arizona are our interstate highways, laid out in a grid system in which Phoenix is the focal point. More than 4 million licensed drivers in the state have access to safe, high-quality motorways that connect to different destinations in the Southwest.

Unfortunately, our best roads aren't the only factor in our community's safety. Despite Phoenix's sterling reputation for most of its roadways in terms of safety and congestion, some dangers remain. One is that Interstate 10 is one of the busiest freeway stretches in the Valley—as well as one of the deadliest, according to AZCentral. Another is that the state of Arizona has suffered a total of almost 127,000 vehicular crashes in 2016 alone, with 865 of these incidents considered fatal.

After cars and station wagons, the biggest culprits behind vehicular crashes are trucks. A total of 42,302 pickup trucks and vans, and 11,991 trucks and buses were responsible for all of Arizona's crash incidents.

Semi-trucks as state road hazards
A different matter altogether is a crash involving a semi-trailer truck, or semi-truck for short. The idea of a road crash with a vehicle weighing as much as eighty thousand pounds, carrying any selection of material, and invariably risky conditions is enough to make any seasoned driver nervous.

Serious crashes involving semi-trucks have also occurred on Phoenix's Interstate 10 as of late. In August of 2017, a semi-truck caught fire near Ray Road after a collision with two cars, injuring six persons and sending two to the hospital to be treated for burns. Later, in October, two semi-trucks rear-ending each other caused the closure of Interstate 10's eastbound lanes and seriously injured two.

The semi-truck is a vehicle that must be distributed and regulated by its parent company in stricture. On the road, for the sake of many, it must be driven with great care, and in the hands of a driver with respect to the rules and for human life.

In the absence of those, things turn deadly for the community. The kind of accidents that could be taken for granted with a car or a motorcycle could do double the damage with an unhinged, off-road careening semi-truck. The circumstances behind an accident must be taken apart carefully, from the mechanical factors (such as maintenance, weight, speed, control) to the human factors (driving under the influence, road rage).

If the complicated story of a semi-truck accident is, unfortunately, a familiar one to you or a loved one, we recommend you seek legal redress right away. You may have been witness to a "crash and burn," and the damage cannot be undone. But though it may be too late in some ways, in others there's no time to waste.

Look to hire the best semi-truck accident attorney in Phoenix, and take the legal steps to move forward and rebuild your life. With the right attorney as your partner, you can fight for the compensation that you rightfully deserve, as well as prevent other semi-truck accidents from happening within the Phoenix community.

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No fee unless we win your case! 
$0 in out-of-pocket costs to you!
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What to look for in your semi-truck accident attorney and partner

To get everything back on track, find the services of an attorney who specializes in this particular area, as there are many nuances to navigate. Making a case for a car or station wagon accident isn't the same as making one for a semi-truck accident. A different ecosystem of laws, as well as a different subset of stakeholders, is involved.

Hire a semi-truck accident attorney in Phoenix who has expertise in personal injury and truck accident cases. Entrust your confidence in a professional who knows the full details of federal laws on semi-trucks, such as what the Federal Highway Administration prescribes for commercial vehicle size standards, and whether the semi-truck company follows these laws. Your attorney must be able to give you the lowdown on what safety, negligence, and liability mean for a semi-truck, and what you are entitled to based on these.

Your attorney should also be prepared to go up against big players in the semi-truck transport industry who might have seen similar cases lobbed against them. Find an attorney who is well-versed in the industry and who'll know special facts about it that will strengthen your case.

What you and your attorney will do together

Soon enough, it will be time for you and your attorney to gear up against a semi-truck company and pit your case against theirs. It won't be without difficulty, so make sure you're prepared. Let your semi-truck accident attorney guide you through the following things in your fight.

- Engage in a free case review. You are entitled to a free case review from your attorney. Be through and exhaust all the details from your point of view, so that your attorney has a full understanding of your situation.
- Collect all your requirements. Account for all necessary documents of yours or your loved ones, such as your IDs, driver's licenses, medical records, and insurance coverage.
- Collect evidence from your attorney. Have your attorney take care of testimonies from pertinent individuals, like police officers, medical personnel, and truck industry professionals. Check that all of you have important vehicle records, maintenance inspection records, and the like.
- Go over federal laws together. The best attorney will be a teacher to you as well as an advocate. Have your attorney clarify anything unclear to you about federal laws so that you can go into your case with a deeper perspective.
- Gather a mindset to fight. Seek a partnership with your semi-truck accident attorney that is based on justice, safety, and goodwill for you, your loved ones, and the Phoenix community.

The Importance Of A Good Phoenix Semi Truck Accident Attorney

If you've been in a semi truck accident, you're perhaps alarmed and devastated. This is quite natural. Truck accidents are a serious case!
Fortunately, the terrifying world of truck accidents law can be managed with the proper legal representation. This is where a good Phoenix semi truck accident attorney comes into play. You can guarantee to receive the maximum amount of damages to which you rightfully deserve.

Required Compensation For a Semi Truck Accident

Getting into any form of motor vehicle accident is already unpleasant, but when you're included in a crash with a tractor-trailer or other commercial vehicle, the consequences can be catastrophic.

The massive build and tendency to lose control makes large trucks deadly in a crash. Aside from extreme damage to your vehicle, you and your passengers could suffer serious injuries. Whatever injury and your passengers sustained in the collision, you're entitled compensation for:

 Lost salaries
Rehabilitation costs
Medical bills
Physical and mental pain and hardship

For better settlement of compensation, seek the help of a good Phoenix semi truck accident attorney. Contact any of them on a telephone number or fill a contact form to set an initial consultation schedule.

Differences Between Truck And Car Accident Cases

Cars and trucks may be considered as motor vehicles but their similarities end there. The power and size of commercial vehicles and tractor trailers are more massive than cars, especially when they involve in a collision.

Aside from the sustaining more injuries and damage in a trucking crash, the filing of a lawsuit could be more complicated than car crash cases. This is why you need to seek the help of a semi truck accident attorney if you're involved in this type of dilemma. Here are other differences between truck and car accident cases:

Varied laws regulating trucking industry
Dynamics of the collision
Time sensitivity of trucking accidents

Who Can Be Liable For A Trucking Accident?

In a truck accident, you usually have the choice to file a lawsuit against several various parties at once. This can be performed because trucking usually involves more parties and any of these parties may share various levels of liability. Potential parties that may be held responsible are:
• The truck owner
The truck driver
The maintenance team of the truck
The road designer in which the accident happened
The truck manufacturer or truck lessee

A good semi truck accident attorney will attempt to widen the scope of the lawsuit and include as many possible defendants as he can. By widening the lawsuit's scope, you as the plaintiff can increase the damages which you're entitled to recover. Keep in mind that you can never "double up" or receive more compensation than the total amount of damages.

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What To Look For In A Good Semi Truck Accident Attorney

Not all semi truck accident attorneys were made equal. You need to look for a good attorney because large well-run lawyers often represent trucking companies. A well-qualified lawyer will level the playing field in your favor you.
Here are some of the most significant qualifications that you need to look for in a good semi truck accident attorney.

Solid Experience

As I have already mentioned, semi truck accident cases are more complex than regular car crashes. They involve more serious injuries, severe damages, and complicated laws. That's why you need to look for a lawyer with a solid experience in handling semi-truck accident cases.

When you try to use an inexperienced lawyer, your potential case is likely to hurt because he won't know the best measure to address this problem. Only an experienced attorney would know how to settle with the trucking company's insurance firm.

Ability To Present Evidence

When involved in a semi truck accident, the hardest part is to prove the fault because it can be quite complicated. Your accident case is likely to work in your favor if your lawyer knows how to gather, evaluate, and present evidence. Several types of evidence that your lawyer may use include truck carrier records and accident rebuilds evidence.

When it comes to presenting truck carrier records, a good attorney will check the number of hours the truck driver was driving. He'll also look at the driver's personnel files, vehicle maintenance reports, and vehicle inspection reports. It's imperative that your lawyer knows how to preserve this evidence because they're very vital.

Another piece of crucial evidence that will likely prove your case is expert witnesses. These witnesses may be experts in truck maintenance or truck driving. Though they're absent during the accident, they can prove your account of the situation that occurred or resulted in the accident.

Willing To Make A Thorough Investigation

Going through all the possible evidence, choosing the right experts to be witnesses, and getting ready for a case can be time-consuming. You'll want a lawyer that will make a careful investigation on your behalf. In this way, you'll have a strong case if your case goes to court.

Remember, a team of lawyers represents truck companies, so you should do choose a lawyer that you can depend to carry out a thorough investigation. If your lawyer won't consult with eyewitnesses and experts, then he may be handling the case poorly.

Things To Do When Involved In A Semi Truck Accident
Call 911 if you sustain any injuries and never attempt to move an injured individual.
Exchange information about your insurance with the truck driver.
Get the trucker's name, phone number, insurance, and employer.
Call the police to make an accident report.

Final Thought
It's important to hire a good Phoenix semi truck accident attorney to provide your case and maximize your compensation. Of course, you'll want to hire the most qualified lawyer to win your case. Several things that you should look for on a good lawyer are experience, ability to present evidence, and willingness to take the full investigation.