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  • Auto accident lawyer will charge a "contingency fee" to take an injury case
    Being involved in a car accident is hard. Dealing with the expenses right after can be even tougher. Fortunately, you can hire an auto accident lawyer in AZ or one of the many auto injury attorneys in Phoenix, AZ, on a contingency fee basis. This is one of the different ways attorneys bill their clients. Unlike other forms of payment, a contingency fee democratizes the legal system to injured victims regardless of their economic circumstances. This allows a person to hire an experienced Arizona auto accident lawyer, or truck accident attorneys in Arizona, without having to worry about the cost of legal fees. If you are still skeptical about this, then continue reading below:

    A contingency fee is arranged to push aside any upfront money for the services of auto injury attorneys in Phoenix, AZ, truck accident attorneys in Arizona, and an
    Nov 08, 2017
  • Main considerations when attempting to value a motorcycle accident case
    In motorcycle injury cases, one of the first questions that people normally ask is the value of the case. The truth is, it would be hard for your Phoenix motorcycle lawyer or Phoenix motorcycle attorney to assess the damages in the early stages of the case, and the process can take years. With that being said, here are some of the main considerations that your motorcycle accident lawyer in Phoenix will tell you in valuing your case.

    Monetary damages in motorcycle injury cases

    In motorcycle injury cases, monetary damages are paid to the injured victim by the party at fault. When you win the case with your Phoenix motorcycle lawyer, the insurance company is responsible for the payment of damages in most instances. There is also a good chance that prior to the case with your Phoenix motorcycle attorney, a settlement for the amount of damages
    Oct 11, 2017
  • Medical bills and other resulting expenses can be a huge burden in auto accident cases
    If getting into an auto accident isn’t already enough of a burden, you still have to deal with the resulting medical bills and other expenses. Since so many things in life can happen unexpectedly, it is best that you are prepared in case of such emergencies. By now, you probably have a car accident attorney in Arizona who can help you get compensated for these expenses and more. But before anything else, it helps to know the following:

    Health insurance
    When you get into an accident, the first thing truck accident attorneys in Arizona ask you for is your medical health insurance. This could save you a lot of money. If you don’t have health insurance, your car accident attorney in Arizona may tell you to pay out of your own pocket.

    Car insurance
    Aside from you getting hurt, your car could get damaged significantly. Auto injury attorneys in
    Sep 29, 2017
  • How much is your semi-truck injury case worth?
    Semi-truck accidents are entirely different from passenger vehicles like car, motor cycle or a small pickup truck. If you ever get in an accident with a semi-truck, a Phoenix semi-truck lawyer will explain the policies that exist for the defendant and the trucking company, which. The insurance policies of semi-truck vehicles are mandated by certain terms and don't follow the same rules as of passenger vehicles. Because of this, many semi-truck cases in Phoenix are settled without knowing its actual worth and without going to the trial. Before the case is resolved, it is important to know the real value of the case.

    Despite the terrible reality of the accident, to know how much the semi-truck injury cases in Phoenix is worth, you should be knowing:

    - What is the percent of liability of the semi-truck driver?
    - Did anyone die because of the
    Sep 15, 2017
  • How legal consultation with an experienced car accident lawyer helps
    If you have been a victim of a car accident in Arizona, your life could be changed completely. Car accident cases may vary depending upon various situations and clauses. Also, the process of seeking compensation either from the liable party or the insurance company is a long and a tiring process. In some situations, you might be capable of handling insurance companies or going through small claim courts against the other parties on your own, but in some cases, you need to seek some legal advice from an experienced car accident lawyer. Whether you think you need to file a lawsuit against another driver, defend yourself in lawsuits against you or are having problems in recovering money from the insurance companies, a car accident attorney will be able to help you.

    Legal consultation with an accident attorney will surely help because of
    Aug 24, 2017
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