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  • Getting The Accident Settlement That You Deserve

    Getting the accident settlement that you deserve can be painful, time-consuming and emotionally draining. Getting a satisfactory settlement for a wrongful death in a car accident can be a tough job. Scenarios may arise that convince the victim's family to accept compensation of a very meager amount in off court settlements to cover wage loss, personal loss and all the other expenses that come along with a wrongful death case.

    Not all states have the same wrongful death laws. Wrongful death is defined as when a death is caused as the result of a negligent or wrongful act. In Arizona, wrongful death law has limitations when it comes to parties who file for a wrongful death. The court accepts claims only when a claim is filed by the spouse, children, guardian or personal representative of the deceased person. In the case of a deceased person's estate, only a personal representative can file a claim. Also, for a spouse to file a claim in the case of an auto accident and wrongful death, they need to have a marriage license to go through the process.

    Individual off court settlements may not fetch you the settlement you deserve, hence it's always a good idea to hire a good car accident attorney in Arizona, specifically one from the Law Offices of Samuel P. Moeller. During the emotional outrage after a sudden loss, the spouse, child or parent might not be able to argue to the facts to get the desired settlement. A car accident attorney weighs out who is making the claiming and what sort of compensation is required. In the case of a spouse or a child applying for a claim, they may look at the damage caused by the loss of care and companionship. If the case pertains to a person's estate, claims for medical bills, property damage expenses and funeral expenses can be put forth.

    Auto accident lawyers are equipped with all the knowledge needed to get you the settlement you deserve. Their experience in dealing with such cases helps families and children recover from their loss.

    Arizona, like most other states, has a certain time frame within which the family or estate can file a lawsuit for a wrongful death in a car accident. The statute of limitations differs from state to state.Within two years from the date of death of the deceased person is when the claim has to be filed in Arizona. If it exceeds the time limit, the court does not accept any case irrespective of any circumstances. If you and your family are suffering from a wrongful death in a car accident, call an attorney immediately to either get compensated in court or receive off court settlements.
    Apr 07, 2017
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