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The Law Offices of Samuel P. Moeller specialize in burn injuries. Burn injuries are some of the most complex and painful injuries that a person can suffer, and rate of recovery depends of several factors. We help burn injury victims and their families get the compensation they deserve to cover hospitalization, extensive emotional and mental counseling, long-term medical care and ongoing reconstructive surgeries. 

We have years of experience with all burn injury types, including:
* Fire/open flame
* Scalding
* Contact
* Sub dermal
* Chemical

Our aggressive attorneys have experience dealing with the various levels of burn degree. The degree of a burn injury is determined by the layers of skin (epidermis) affected.

First Degree Burn Injury:
The top layer of skin is damaged, causing redness, pain and swelling.

Second Degree Burn Injury:
These burns involve the top and second layer of skin, causing swelling, redness, pain, blisters and heightened sensitivity, and they may need medical attention.

Third Degree Burn Injury:
A third degree burn is one of the most serious burn injuries and may result in skin contracture or amputation. This type of burn injury involves the top three layers of skin and can affect nerves, muscle and bones.

Fourth Degree Burn Injury:
The most severe degree of burn, a fourth degree burn penetrates all layers of skin, tissue, muscle and bone, and it may result in amputation and possibly death.
Let our experienced and confident attorneys help get the compensation you deserve.