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Phoenix Accident Lawyer

Top 3 reasons to use a Phoenix car accident lawyer

It’s 7AM and you’re sitting in traffic on your way to work, when at the next stop and go, someone neglects to stop and you get rear-ended. The back of your car is smashed in. Instead of going to work you’re the one holding up traffic on the side of the road waiting to go to the ER for a stiff neck and about to face an auto accident lawsuit.

The police get involved, insurances are exchanged, and your car is getting towed. This was the worst possible way to start your day and you’re dreading the ongoing process it’s going to take in order to make progress in your case. When you’re in a car accident you need a car accident lawyer to take the stress off your back and get you the money you deserve to cover medical expenses, automobile repairs, and lost time and suffering.

Here are the top three reasons to use a car accident lawyer instead of playing phone tag with insurance companies yourself:

1. Money matters

Having a car accident lawyer will ensure you receive fair compensation for the burden you just experienced. When you’re in a car accident you may suffer severe physical damage that takes time to heal, much longer than the time it took for someone to hit you. Your personal suffering and time lost from work and obligations after a car accident can have a high dollar cost, so don’t settle for what an insurance company tries to give you. A car accident lawyer will do all the fighting to get you all of the money you deserve.

2. Time is of the essence

When you’re in a car accident, waiting to see repairs done, medical bills paid, and a check for your suffering, it could feel like forever before you see the bright side of a personal injury lawsuit in Phoenix, AZ. Without a car accident lawyer, your case will absolutely take the slow route. You don’t have time to work on your case all day every day, and that’s what a car accident lawyer is there for. They take the time to make the appropriate calls, file necessary paperwork, do the research, manage communication, and finalize your settlement. A car accident lawyer helps you get back to your daily life without losing more time.

3. Expertise

Let’s face it, most people are not experts in personal injury law, if so, everyone would be a lawyer. Working with experts in car accident cases gives you the peace of mind that they are on top of any important documentation you need, that they are communicating with the right people, making the right statements, and negotiating your best interests on your behalf. Having an expert in car accidents cases, like the Law Offices of Samuel P. Moeller will ensure that your case is a priority for insurance companies. There is no tricking or playing around with cases when a car accident lawyer like Sam Moeller is on the case.

Car accidents in Phoenix, AZ are always a hassle. 

There are many benefits that come with having an experienced and successful car accident lawyer managing your case. Don’t lose an extra minute stressing over a car accident, just choose a trusted lawyer and know you will receive fair compensation.
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What are the advantages of hiring a Phoenix car accident attorney?

Being involved in a car accident can be a stressful time. During this time you may be unsure about whether or not to hire a car accident attorney.

Having the assistance of a Phoenix car accident attorney will help ease your stress. You won't have to juggle paperwork and you can focus on healing. Our attorneys are compensated only if you win your case and there is no money down to start, our car accident attorneys will even come to you if you are still recovering from your injuries. We will handle your case objectively which will allow you to save emotional energy.

Our Phoenix car accident attorneys have knowledge of insurance laws and deadlines which can be confusing to keep track of on your own. We are experienced with insurance companies and are familiar with the processes and challenges associated with getting the best settlement.

Not only do our car accident attorneys have knowledge of insurance laws, they are also experienced in all different types of injuries that can result from an accident. They also understand that sometimes the injuries do not show up until some time after the accident has happened. Our Phoenix car accident attorneys can use this knowledge to help with the success of your case.

Our Phoenix car accident lawyer CategoriesLaw & GovernmentPeople & SocietyHealthSERP featuresReviewswill work hard to make sure you receive the compensation you deserve in order to heal. We are passionate about helping our clients. We understand if you are facing financial hardships and we offer a free case review and zero upfront fees.

What should I keep in mind when hiring a Phoenix car accident attorney?

When you are choosing which Phoenix car accident attorney to hire after you’ve been injured, we encourage you to keep a few things in mind.
The first thing you should do when choosing a car accident attorney is to search for someone in your local community. If you were injured in Arizona, our Phoenix car accident attorneys can help you.

You always want to make sure your Phoenix car accident attorney has experience and is prepared to take your case. Our attorneys have over 10 years of experience handling car accident cases. Your attorney should focus on one practice. Phoenix car accident attorneys focus exclusively on Phoenix Personal Injury Cases.

A good Phoenix car accident attorney should always offer a free case review in order to understand your case. A good car accident attorney will also offer a pay structure that allows you to pay nothing unless your case is won. Our attorneys will assess for your case for free to give you an idea of the compensation you deserve and you don’t pay anything unless we win your case.

Additionally, the car accident attorney you decide to hire will need to have a positive reputation within your community. Our Phoenix car accident attorneys are compassionate about helping the local community get their best settlement for their car accident cases.
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Motorcycle accident in Phoenix

happen all the time, and just as often as any other type of accident. When they occur, unfortunately, the injuries and fatalities tend to be a lot more serious than if two passenger vehicles (like a car) collided. In the unfortunate case that this happens to you or to a loved one, it is imperative that you consult a Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer immediately.

Motorcyclists are not in enclosed by the protective layers of metal and glass like cars and trucks are. They do not have the body of a vehicle to protect them. They do not have airbags to protect them if the riders were whipped around and the force an impact threw them forward, in which case, finding the best Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer would be your best chance at resolution. On top of that, motorcyclists do not have seat belts to restrain the motorcycle rider if the rider got thrown forward onto the road.

There are a lot fewer motorcycles than there are automobiles on the road today, but they offer only half of the stability and security. They present a much smaller profile than passenger cars in traffic, and one of the most common reasons for motorcyclists to be involved in collisions is because other people simply do not see them. Here are the most common types of motorcycle accidents.

Blindside – the “I didn't see the motorcycle!” accident

- Unfortunately, this is a frequent cause of motorcycle accidents throughout Phoenix. Motorists who are distracted or are otherwise negligent may not check their blind spots or may not look for bikers, therefore causing an accident because they simply did not see the motorcyclist.

Left-turn motorcycle accident

- A staggering 42% of all motorcycle accidents happen when the car is making a left-hand turn. These are the most common accidents that Phoenix motorcycle lawyers get calls for.

Obstructions on roadways or hazardous roads

- Obstructions and hazards occur all of the time in Arizona. Because motorcycles are only two wheels, it makes them inherently unstable. If you’re injured, you need to call a Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer immediately.

Rear-end motorcycle accident

- Surprisingly, only about 5% of motorcycle accidents are rear-ended collisions. This is far more common among cars and trucks.

Motorcycle accidents caused by distracted driving

- Most motorcyclists are good defensive drivers and are fully aware of not only the road but also their surroundings. Most of these accidents happen when the passenger vehicle is distracted by their phone, the radio, talking, etc.

Regardless of the type of motorcycle accident you or your loved one may have been involved in. Sam Moeller is the Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer that has the resources, dedication, time and energy to make sure your case come to the best possible resolution. Your injury is personal to us, which is why we want to inform you of the different types of motorcycle accidents. If you find yourself in need of a Phoenix motorcycle accident lawyer, do not hesitate to pick up the phone now and call our office for a no-obligation consultation.
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